We aim to make world-class games and learn a lot along the way.

Evil Empire is a “triple i” game development studio based in Bordeaux, France. We strive to create world class games in a human centered, results driven workplace. Our ambition is to create the kind of financial stability and healthy work life balance that allows people to project themselves into a decades long career in games, at Evil Empire.

Finding the balance between the necessity of shipping commercially successful games, all the while centering the people who make them, means that everything we do is attached to some kind of learning experience. You’re late and have to accept less than optimal quality on X feature? What did you learn that will help you avoid this next time? We’ve got to delay a project or we’ve blown the budget? How did we mess this up and how will we fix it without crunching?

All of this takes place in small teams with high levels of autonomy, and therefore responsibility. You’re part of a team and your actions will have consequences for everyone you’re working with. You’ll need to be attentive to how you communicate, providing feedback so people have solid pathways to progress, all while ensuring that you’re not contributing to a budget blow-out and the ever insidious crunch culture…

While results and individual responsibility rate high on our list of values, it’s important to note that we’re also here to have fun! Else we’d work in finance or something… We’re strongly anti-crunch, and overtly for regular social events, free food and coffee, pool tournaments, in-office gym equipment and a whole bunch of other cool stuff!