Dead Cells : Fatal Falls

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Since 2019 Evil Empire has worked hand in hand with Motion Twin to continue to develop and grow the Dead Cells universe through free updates and paid DLC. While Motion Twin may have handed the reigns to Evil Empire they continue to work closely with us on the development of new content for Dead Cells. validating initial designs and important milestones as the Evil empire team advances with the hands-on development and marketing.

You’ll be able to play through:

  • The Fractured Shrines: Breathtaking views, kamikaze crows, spear-wielding snakes, sadistic new traps and an endless fall if you slip. What more could you ask for?
  • The Undying Shores: Not the beach you had in mind for your time off… Creepy lantern wielding wizards and their shovel brandishing minions. Not at all the holiday you planned…
  • The Mausoleum: A new humanoid boss with his own story to tell, tough pattern based combat and a magnificent setting for a showdown.


Game details


January 26th, 2021


Steam, PS4/PS5, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android


Action / Rogue-like



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