Dead Cells : The Bad Seed

Our First DLC...

When we pitched Motion Twin on continuing Dead Cells as a “Game-as-a-Service” rather than moving on and leaving it as it was at 1.0, we had no idea if the plan would work. 

The Bad Seed was a test run that required us to build a new, completely independent game studio, hire and train a team and work out how to collaborate with our former colleagues at Motion Twin on a game that we had helped to build, but that was no longer ours.

Evil Empire was founded on the 29th of January 2019 and one year later, this is what we came up with. 

You’ll be able to play through:

  • The Arboretum: A relaxing and peaceful greenhouse inhabited by a peaceful clan of mushrooms, with an understandable desire to murder the Beheaded.
  • The Swamp: A noxious environment ruled by a band of tree dwelling mutans with pointy sticks, sneaky dart shooting frogmen and a bunch of deadly bloodsuckers.
  • The Heart of the Swamp: Domain of mama tick, if you’ve seen StarShip Troopers, you get the idea…


Game details


February 11th, 2020


Steam, PS4/PS5, Xbox, Switch, iOS, Android


Action / Rogue-like



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